Tallinn Literary Centre's Tammsaare and Vilde museums

  1. 2017, Estonian Museum Awards. Marketing muse nominee “Literary Street Festival”
  2. 2018, Estonian Museum Awards. Friend of the Community nominee for “Literary Street Festival”
  3. 2019, Estonian Museum Awards, Special Award Nominee “Mati Unt Pop-up Museum”

Tammsaare museum

  1. 2007, The little museum rat. A.H.Tammsaare Museum permanent exhibition “Truth is in Man”. An interactive exhibition with boldly innovative ideas, using contemporary tools to complement the author’s home with authentic interiors. Curator Maarja Vaino.
  2. 2008, The little museum rat. The exhibition “Boy and Butterfly. Mati Unt at Tammsaare’s”. An elegant addition to the permanent exhibition. Curator Maarja Vaino.
  3. 2009, The Great Museum Rat, the best exhibition of the year 2009. The exhibition “A violin player on the carousel. Gailit at Tammsaare’s”. Successful enrichment of the permanent exhibition of A.H.Tammsaare’s personal museum, an atmospheric and concise presentation of August Gailit’s life with a minimalist and idyllic design. Curator Maarja Vaino.
  4. 2011, Nominee for the Science Award at the Annual Museum Awards “A. H. Tammsaare Museum’s Autumn Conference “Question of Paradise. The Image of Paradise in Estonian Literature”.
  5. Nominee for the Marketing Muse of the Year Award 2013. Maurus multimedia project on SEBE buses.
  6. 2013, TÜ Centre for Ethics competition “Museum space as a carrier of values”, 2nd place.
  7. 2014, Estonian Museum Awards. Marketing Muse nominee “Maurus multimedia project on SEBE buses”.

Eduard Vilde museum

  1. Museums Festival 2010, II place. Exhibition “The Writer with a Suitcase” (Exhibition of Vilde’s travel books and travels), curated by Kairi Tilga.
  2. Museum Rat 2012 “Special Award for Catching the Miracle”. Exhibition “Vildest naljaga pooleks” (Exhibition of Vilde’s joke literature).  An innovative approach in the field of personal and writers’ museums. Curator Kairi Tilga
  3. Museum of the Year Awards: 2012 Museum Education Promoter of the Year: the E. Vilde Museum’s educational programme “Red Socks and Glasses”. Pille Maffucci
  4. Nominee for Museum Rat of the Year 2015: the Eduard Vilde Museum’s exhibition “Freezing Writer”, curated by Kairi Tilga.
  5. Estonian Museum Museum Museum Competition (EMMA) 2012, 1st place E. Vilde moustache (E. Vilde museum)
  6. Museum Mime Competition (EMMA) 2014, 1st prize “Pisuhänna” socks (E. Vilde museum)
  7. Museum Competition (EMMA) 2016, II place,   door opener “Don’t bother me-reading Vilde” (E.Vilde museum)

Awards from cooperation projects

  1. Estonian Association of Interior Designers annual award for the best exhibition of 2010, the exhibition “Estonian writer in caricature”, curated by Kairi Tilga and Maarja Vaino.
  2. III place in the environmental design category of the Estonian Design Awards. Exhibition “Estonian Writer in Caricature”, curators Kairi Tilga and Maarja Vaino
  3. Star Project 2013. International project “Comparing Learning Opportunities in the Field of Literary Heritage”, project coordinator Maarja Vaino.