A. H. Tammsaare

Estonian literary classic A. H. Tammsaare (1878-1940) is located in Kadriorg, in a historicist cottage-type house. It was in this building that the writer lived between 1932 and 1940 and where he died. The writer’s widow, Käthe Hansen, wanted their home to be a museum one day. This dream has now come true, with the opening of the museum on the centenary of the writer’s 30th birthday, 01. 1978.
The writer’s five-room apartment is located on the second floor of the house, which is furnished in its original form. It was here that Tammsaare wrote his work of the 1930s. In the second wing of the museum, there is an interactive exhibition about the life and creative heritage of Tammsaare, as well as changing exhibitions.

Mati Unt

The museum is located in the house where the writer Mati Unt lived between 1995 and 2005.

In the museum, you can get an insight into both Mati Unt’s former apartment in Mustamäe and his time in Kadriorg. Only two floors above are the windows of the writer’s former home.

You can browse through artefacts that belonged to Mati Und, books with his notes and dedications, fascinating photographs, many of which come from Und’s own camera, etc.

Eduard Vilde

The Republic of Estonia decided to give writer and diplomat Eduard Vilde (1865 – 1933) a house with grass and garden land for his 60th birthday.   After a long search, in 1927 a suitable 6-room apartment was found in a Castellan house belonging to the state. A major renovation was carried out at the expense of the Ministry of Education and the apartment was furnished with furniture from the A. M. Luther factory. In the museum, you can see the writer’s apartment in its original form, furnished with original furniture. A modern exhibition introduces you to the apartment, which gives an overview of the life and personality of Eduard Vilde.